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Patient engagement and a reduction in outpatient visits

A pilot study with our partners reviewing the use of Fora Health in managing Major Depressive Disorder has just been published.

This week we are very happy to be able to share the published results and discussion from a study that we carried out together with Takeda US Medical Affairs and Advocate Aurora Healthcare in 2019. The study was exploratory in nature and reviewed the opportunity to use Fora Health to support Measurement Based Care and Shared Decision-Making for patients with a clinical diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder.

Please see full results of:

Mobile App to Enhance Patient Activation and Patient-Provider Communication in Major Depressive Disorder Management: Collaborative, Randomized Controlled Pilot Study On JMIR Formative research

First of all, a huge thankyou to our partners and collaborators at Takeda and Advocate and all of the people who worked so hard to make this happen.

While the full paper is only being published now, work started on this with insights from user centred design and research with patients and clinicians in the US - helping us shape both the patient and clinical experience based on need. The study itself lasted over a year, with patients followed up at 52 weeks and chart reviews to understand clinical changes and how patients used clinical services following the intervention.

Not only did this study help build confidence in our way of working collaboratively with our partners, it hinted at a strong underlying value of this form of Measurement Based Care and Shared Decision-Making. The follow up qualitative user centred research we were able to complete with patients and clinicians also allowed us to identify additional features such as EMR integration and Visit Preparation which were built into the Fora Health platform in 2021 and deployed in the follow up study we are currently running with Advocate and Takeda. This follow up study is set to complete in March 2023.

Very much looking forward to discussing the results further as we continue to build in collaboration with our partners.

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