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Collaborating across the US and UK

Value-based care is an approach to restructuring health care systems with the overarching goal of better patient outcomes through more efficient clinical practices.

We help our customers meet these goals through engaging both patients and clinicians in shared decision making.

United States

We work with US providers, academics, charities and pharma companies to understand value based care goals and how to meet them through shared decision making.

Map of the USA
USA Case Study · Major Depressive Disorder

Measurement-based care and shared decision-making for patients with depression

In partnership with Advocate Health Care

Advocate patients with depression using Fora Health exhibited higher levels of patient activation (PAM-13), as reported on US Psych Congress and within JMIR Formative Research. Qualitative research helped us understand meeting preparation and EMR integration which have subsequently been built into Fora Health.

Demo view of the Fora Health app on an iPhone
USA Case Study · Antipsychotics and Polypharmacy

Decreasing harms and improving child health

In partnership with The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice The Charles Hood Foundation

Fora Health is currently being used as an intervention to reduce inappropriate use of antipsychotics and polypharmacy, by helping clinical prescribers and parents make shared decisions and support only the safe and effective use of mental health medications. The intervention and deprescribing protocol could be adapted for other high-risk medications.

Demo view of the Fora Health app on an iPhone Demo view of the Fora Health app on an iPhone

United Kingdom

Since 2022 we have also been actively working with UK clinicians, academics and NHS bodies to use shared decision-making to support value-based change.

Map of the UK
Department for International Trade
UK Case Study · Bipolar Disorder

Exploration of support for patients with bipolar disorder to get onto the right treatment

Our focus is to deploy and assess a UK instance of Fora Health to support patients with bipolar disorder in making shared decisions around maintenance medication.

Demo view of the Fora Health app on an iPhone

Content and technical partners

We work in partnership to integrate into clinical workflows and make use of independently approved, best in class content.

Case Study · Content Partnership

Integrating EBSCO Dynamed My Health Decisions into Fora Health

In partnership with Advocate Aurora Health

The EBSCO My Health Decisions editorial team maintain Option Grid decision aids (including global information around clinical utility and risk) across more than 80 preference sensitive decision areas. Option Grids are certified by the Washington State Health Care Authority and integrated into both the Fora Health patient and clinical experience.

Demo view of the Fora Health care team app on a web browser Demo view of the Fora Health app on an iPhone