Tracking health and supporting shared decision-making Fora Health supports patients and clinicians to track health and take part in shared decision-making. Patients engage with the mobile app and, through discussions with their care teams, agree on the best treatments for them. Get in touch
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Conversation between patient, doctor and researcher
Patients engage with the intuitive conversational interface
Hi Jane. Have you taken your medication today?
Have you had any side effects?
Yes, I have unfortunately
Which side effects?

Low energy

Problems with sleep

Dry mouth


Problems with appetite





Sorry to hear that. I’ll pass this onto your care team and you can discuss it at your next appointment
Patient taking medication
Validated Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) are scheduled and patients can monitor their scores
Let’s look at your wellbeing. How would you rate it today?
Wellbeing rating slider image
Your average wellbeing score over the past week was 50 and improved by 10 points compared to the week before.
Wellbeing scores chart
Patient exercising
Patients can also initiate conversations to record elements of their health
I would like to do a cognition test
Hi Jane. No problem. This should only take 60 seconds.
Let’s get started.
Nback test image
Thanks. You scored 44 points.
Patient at work
Patients can review and express
an interest in various available treatment options
Treatment preferences
Okay, these are your preferences from last time:
Wellbeing rating slider image
Since then, have any of your feelings about these options changed?
Patient at work
Conversation between patient and doctor Better conversations and shared decision-making support better outcomes. Fora Health supports conversations and shared decision making between patients and their care teams. Patient activation and shared decision-making in turn lead to better adherence, increased self-management, increased patient satisfaction and a reduction in cost of care.
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