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Session 6 ·

Supporting treatment management and well-being for people with Parkinson’s through shared decision-making

Research focus
Mobile features that support shared decisions and health tracking in Parkinson’s
Participant focus
People living with Parkinson’s, and practicing clinicians with experience in neurological disorders
Chat conversation for shared decision making

We learned about how clinicians and people with Parkinson’s work together to optimise medication plans, what information helps make these decisions, and that tracking doesn’t need to be daily to be clinically informative. These insights will help us design features that only capture information that informs shared decisions without creating burden, for example surrounding OFF periods, diet, medication, goals, and symptoms that interfere with daily life.

We also received suggestions on personalizing the app’s functionality and content depending on individual needs, and how to use the right language to address these needs and give proper attention to lesser known symptoms.