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Session 8 ·

Exploring how to track ill-effects changes over time

Research focus
Mobile features that support updating, tracking, and visualizing symptoms
Participant focus
People with experience managing a chronic condition
In session 8, we learned how patients currently track how they feel over time and gathered feedback to take into consideration when updating features that record, track and visualize ill-effects.

We learned how patients currently track how they feel over time and what is important to track to manage their health. Participant feedback varied on the definition of symptoms whereas the majority of the participants felt the term side effect related to medications. Most participants preferred the word affected over the word bothersome to describe the severity of ill-effects. Feedback on language and tone will be used to inform the design of Fora Health. Patients mentioned it would be easy to compare their experiences from today to yesterday and many participants stated they would report an average if asked to reflect on their experience over a week. It was important to participants to track their experience over time and feedback on data visualizations will help us make sure patients find the data presented to be useful when tracking their health.