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Learning from our users

We have involved patients, researchers, and care team members in every step of Fora Health’s development from day 1. We are always iterating our product, be it through clinical studies or the hundreds of hours of qualitative user research that we have already done.

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Let us learn from your experiences to make Fora Health a better platform for shared conversations

We’re now getting regular feedback on the things that we are working on during each of our 6-week development cycles. Here’s how you can get involved with our user research.

Get in touch
You can let us know that you’re interested in getting involved by clicking the “join” button below. After that, we’ll send you an email to confirm your place in a specific research project.
Book a time with us
You’ll then be able to book yourself a slot. You'll be able to do this with the help of an online booking platform that we'll send you a link to.
Take part
The research will take the form of a short recorded video call with one of our team members, for which you’ll be rewarded with an Amazon e-gift card.
Stay in the loop
We promise to update you, via email and our Twitter channel (@fora_health), on how the research you participated in has improved Fora Health. We’d also like to save your contact information so that we can get in touch with you about future research opportunities. You can also find news of these on our Twitter.
Session 11 · We’re working on scoping out our next research session coming up soon. Stay tuned!
Research focus
The features we will test will be announced soon
Participant focus
Please register your interest in participating by clicking “I’m interested” below
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What we've learnt so far